Guy Reid sculpture limewood


    In 2010 Guy was commissioned by the publisher David Fickling to do four children's author/illustrator portraits of Philip Pullman, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt and Ian Archie Beck. They can be seen above with the authors own comments below. Further images are on the Portfolio page of this site.'I'm absolutely bowled over not only by the detail - which is small enough to have been done by the Tailor of Gloucester - but by the overall shape and feel and gestalt of it. That's ME, small enough to hold in the hand.....and so entirely THERE. Guy you are a genius. I love it!'Philip Pullman Dec 2010 'It's so strange looking at a perfect miniature version of yourself. I must have presented a real challenge as a model, with my short hair, black dress, fancy shoes and huge rings- Guy has worked wonders. I think he's caught the very essence of me'Dame Jackie Wilson April 2011 'Guy's work is quite astonishing. It's an extraordinary experience meeting a tiny version of oneself, ev...

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    Published Wednesday 1st June 2011


    Guy worked throughtb2917 towards three exhibitions.The first at MOCA London opened on the 26th of March and ran until the 30th of April. Above is an image of the sculpture Man Walking which was shown. You can also read artist and MOCA museum director Michael Petry's introduction to the exhibition by clicking on the link Read text on the read more page. From the 23rd of June to the 3rd of September Guy exhibited at the Musée de la Préhistoire in Aurignac S.W. France. Reid showed an entirely new body of work which references the theme of prehistory and includes amongst others the above works, (left and right). Lire en Français le Texte de catalogue par Claude LEGE, directeur du Musée Patrimonial de Barthete à Boussan, qui accompagneras l'exposition au Musée de la Préhistoire. Lire texte. All works were exhibited at Guy's exhibition 'Man Walking'' at the The Coningsby Gallery, London W1 throughout October 2017. (See above)....

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    Published Sunday 1st January 2017


    The Question Is?Jan. 20th - 7th March 2015L'Espace Croix BaragnonToulouse 31000'I tought about a mantra, like an opened meditationAnd the wood material that we almost forgot....'Brigitte Meunier-Bosch writing on 'The Question Is?'On est devant un registre absoulment original, qui se situe entre la 2D et la 3D'Catherine Huber, Flash (Lire Magazine Article)January through to March 2015 Guy exhibited at the contemporary art center, L'Espace Croix Baragnon in Toulouse. For the exhibition he created a monumental site specific relief 3.5 m high x 2.0 m wide titled 'The Question Is?' The relief represents 9 large multiple angled views in persective of a sculpture of Andrew sitting cross legged. Below are some images of the works shown....

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    Published Tuesday 20th January 2015


    A 15 minute film by Margot Donkervoort. The Dutch film maker Margot Donkervoort has made a short film about the work processes involved in producing a second portrait of Philip Pullman commissioned by the author himself.You can also view Margot's first film Making Andrew showing the making of a portrait of Andrew from start to finish. View Film...

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    Published Friday 25th May 2012

    FACE 2016

    Two of Guy's recent monochrome works, Girl Holding iphone and a relief study of Girl Holding iphone, were selected for FACE 2016, The Society of Portrait Sculptors Annual exhibition in London....

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    Published Monday 16th May 2016