Guy Reid sculpture limewood

Reviews & Public Works

Listed below you will find a variety of reviews of and public works made by Guy Reid's over his career

Selected Radio and TV

France 2 Le Chemin de la Foi Jan 2007 Channel 4 News March 2004 BBC London Live March 2002 BBC Radio 4 Today Programme February 2001 BBC1 Midlands Today May 2001 Fuji TV Japan 2000

Huffington Post, February 2016

Michael Petry Writing on Reid's Christ at The Tower of London. Read

Flash Magazine, March 2015

'On est devant un registre absolument original, qui se situe entre la 2D et la 3D, entre le dessin et la sculpture'.Lire Article

La Depeche July 15th 2013

'Un artiste hors des sentiers battus....les sculptures de Guy Reid ne se contentent pas de raconter l’histoire d’un homme. C’est l’histoire de tous les hommes que l’on peut percevoir ici.' Lire Article

Parcours des Arts July-September 2013

'Plus vraies que nature plus grandes aussie parfois, les sculptures de Guy Reid portent l'inquietude à fleur de peau.' Lire Article

Crafts Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

'Changes in texture, from flesh to clothing to hair, are executed with illusionistic magic. Some portraits are made more disorienting, through use of perspective, Reid’s shallow relief carvings portraying the figure from a bird’s-eye view or from the side'. 

Art Newspaper October 2007

'Reid's Christ offers no apologies.' 

(On The Paris Christ) 

Financial Times 2005

Reid's work 'gives a sense of vulnerability and challenge' (Mark Vernon Financial Times Jaunary 2005)

Manchester City Life Magazine August 2001

'These figures seem more alive than the word "figure" or "sculpture" implies... Reid seems to have re/created creatures that have their own existence in mind... his "people" seem to scream, albeit silently.' (Bex Shaw on Chorlton Mill Solo Show, August 2001) 

Mark Vernon on Reid's Madonna and Child. New Statesman January 2001

'Its embodiment is modern, sexual, accessible... Reid's work clearly touches a nerve, for nudity, theology and representation are a heady mix, powerful but dangerous.' New Statesman February 2001) New Statesman

Catholic Herald January 2001

Brian Brindley on Madonna and Child, St Matthew's, Westminster

'Ugly... this object is so profane as to be almost blasphemous, and should be locked away in the vestry, available for inspection only by serious scholars.' (Catholic Herald, January 2001)

Public Works

Long Room Trinity College Dublin

Portrait of Lady Augusta Gregory 2023

National Portrait Gallery London

Portrait of Dame Jaqueline Wilson. 2021

Permanent Collection.

Museé De Barthete à Boussan 2009

La Maison Patrimonial de Barthete Boussan, France 2009Double sculptural intervention integrated into the museum collection.

(Private Loan) 

Saint George's Paris 2006

Crucifixtion. rue Vacquerie 75016 

Portrait of Glynn Boyd Harte

The Art Workers Guild, London, 2004 

The Fourteen Avoncroft Corbels

The New Gueston Hall, Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove, West Midlands, April 2004 

Sculpture of St Editha

Polesworth Abbey, Polesworth, Warwickshire, July 2002 

Figure of Adam

Mirfield College, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, May 2002 

Madonna and Child

St Matthew's, Westminster, October 2000