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Guy Jocelyn Reid is a British/French artist who was born in Johannesburg in 1963 and grew up in London and Shropshire. After having completed his BA in Politics and History at North London Polytechnic in 1984, Reid began training as a classical carver and restorer, going on to work for the world-renowned Spink Workshop (now Arlington Conservation), where he completed work for institutions as varied as the Metropolitan Museum New York, the Getty Museum California, Harewood House and the Sir John Soane Museum London. Go to web page About Guy to read more on Guy Reid and his sculptures.


    Guy is delighted to have been chosen amongst four international artists for the prestigious Long Room Sculpture Commisson at Trinity College Dublin. You can read more about the project below.During the Covid crisis, Guy has been working on a series of intimate family portraits. Subjects include his daughter Pearl, his partner Andrew and his mother. In 2020 he completed a triptych self portrait, three identical sculptures in 22c gold leaf, white and natural wood entitled, I Resist, I Surrender, Accept. Images of these can be seen in the Image Gallery and in Recent Works. Guy has also created further 'Little Me' portraits including artist and friends Benoit and Sylvette Bonnmaison-Fitte. Their portrait won the best foreign exhibit at the FACE 2020 Society of Portrait Sculptors annual exhibition in London (see Image Gallery ). Reid has already done several couple portraits one of which you can see above. He has also recently produced a second portrait of the best selling children's author...

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    Published Monday 22nd October 2018

    Long Room Sculpture Commission Trinity College Dublin

    Guy is delighted to have been selected amongst four artists for the Long Room Sculpture Commission at Trinity College Dublin. The sculptures, the first to be commissioned in more than a century, are to honour the highly significant achievements of four women, Ada Lovelace, Mary Wollstonecraft, Rosalind Franklin and Augusta Gregory, and the contribution they have made to collective knowledge and to human endeavour. There are currently 40 marble busts in this beautiful historic space, all of men. This is a first step to introducing sculptures of women and better representing diversity. The four women honoured were chosen from more than 500 nominations. Guy has been asked to produce that of Augusta Gregory, folklorist, dramatist and theatre-founder. ...

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    Published Friday 16th July 2021


    In 2017 Guy exhibited his self portrait 'Man Walking' at MOCA London. The work will next be shown throughout summer at the Abbaye de Bonnefont, nr. Toulouse in S.W France. ...

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    Published Wednesday 13th February 2019

    Christ Figure Tower of London

    In 2016 Guy exhibited his Christ Resurected in the Chapel Royal at the Tower of London. The sculpture was also exhibited throught the summer of 2019 at the Abbaye de Bonnefont in S.W. France. Guy is looking for a permanent placement for this Christ. If you feel you may be interested please contact the artist via this website. ...

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    Published Wednesday 13th February 2019


    Guy is delighted to announce that this portrait of Dame Jaqueline Wilson was judged the best exhibit at the 2015 Society of Portrait Sculptures 52nd Annual Exhibition in Pall Mall, London. ...

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    Published Tuesday 1st September 2015


    Below is a sculpture portrait of the British T.V. chat show host and comedian Alan Carr, otherwise known as 'Chattyman'. The work is in his own private collection. ...

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    Published Friday 1st January 2016


    Asian art expert and Hong Kong based fine art dealer Anthony Lin writes an introduction to Reid's work. Read Introduction....

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    Published Monday 2nd January 2017