Guy Reid sculpture limewood
Two Gentlemen and Mr. Jones

Two Gentlemen and Mr. Jones


Guy is currently working on a new series of 'Little Me' portraits. The new works will include a series of portraits exploring the couple. Initial subjects include artist and friends Benoit and Sylvette Bonnmaison-Fitte.( see Recent Works Page). Guy has already done several couple portraits one of which you can see above.

Throughout the summer of 2019 Guy Reid will be exhibiting at the Abbaye de Bonnefont, Nr. Toulouse in S.W. France. Amongst the works to be shown will be his monumental relief, 'The Question is?', and his Christ Resurrected, last exhibited in the Chapel Royal at The Tower of London in 2016: (See image below). Guy will also be exhibiting two works at the Centre de l'art Contemporaine, La Chapelle St. Jacques in S.W. France from the 29th of May to the 22nd of June as part of their collectors exhibition.

Guy was recently elected to the Society of Portrait Sculptors for distinguished work in the field of portrait sculpture.

Published Monday 22nd of October 2018